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Fencing mask for all weapons. Protective jacket for all events. Women will wear a chest protector for all events. Singlestick can use a normal fencing glove. Other weapons will require sturdier hand protection. Gorgets required. Men must wear a protective cup. Joints must be protected.

Equipment will be inspected at event. This means someone may hit you with a stick to check that all safety gear is in place. If you do not have appropriate equipment, and none is available to borrow, you will not be able to participate.

Women’s Longsword: If there are not enough women for their own event, they can fence the open event for pools and medal separately.

Judging: All fencers will be required to help judge events that they are not currently fighting in. Traditionally, one pool judges for another pool, and so on.

Direct Eliminations: The top eight fencers out of pools will fence in direct eliminations. If there are eight fencers after that, they will fence in direct eliminations amongst themselves, for a different set of medals. If there are another eight after that, a third tier. This is new this year, so be patient. More fencing possible for everyone.

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